Support career changers who share a story.

While BME welcomes all career changers, we also see a need for resources dedicated to specific communities.

For example, a community might be STEM graduate students looking for careers beyond academia. Or nurses exploring options beyond bedside care. Or outdoor educators looking for something beyond backcountry programs.

BME Communities is how we open our school to serve these career changers who have a shared story.

When are you launching your first communities?
January 2020. We're taking interest now.

How much does it cost to host a community?
Nada. We provide a the BME career change platform at no cost. In fact, you should make money as a community host. From side hustle to full-time.

I can make money doing this? Tell me more!
It's simple. You deliver value by helping people solve for what's next in their career. These happy people pay for this support either through memberships or 1:1 sessions.

1:1 Sessions? Will I be able to handle that?
You don't need to be an expert. We don't do traditional career coaching here. Instead, you will receive the training and tools to be an effective instructor within our school of courses. And the BME team is here to help :)

Can I work with a partner to launch a community?
Yes, you can be a solo host or work with a partner.

How can I contact you to express interest in hosting a community?

By Location

Spencer has spent the past decade using design practices to unlock the potential in ambitious students, nurse innovators, and impact entrepreneurs around the globe. He is the author of the Looping Method.

Favorite Drill: Instagrammed
Favorite Loop: Pod Save Career

By Industry

Brian LeDuc helps Universities and students adapt to the new and emerging realities of higher education and work. He is currently Designer-in-Residence at the University of California San Diego.

Favorite Drill: Anchors to Rockets
Favorite Loop: Cheat Sheet

Hi, I'm Spencer. I started BME to bring modern career change practices within reach of more people. Over the last decade, I've met incredible organizations operating on slim budgets.

When nonprofit leaders and college career coaches can't afford content licenses and training we're ... Our copyright-free rebellion is about

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Crush barriers to career change with a one-time membership to our school, community, and instructors.

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Conquer uncertainty and career myths with unlimited access to weekly lessons, step-by-step courses, and Q&A with instructors. All from your smarty-phone.

Give, Get, Win

Join our Slack community to crowdsource the advice, resources, and connections to test-drive career change without taking big leaps.

Sprint Sessions

As a member you can request a dedicated instructor for an intensive, four-week challenge to meet you where you are and move you toward what's next.

Where You've Seen Us

Test Drive BME

“Overall it was fantastic and has transformed my mindset when it comes to the traditional job hunt and in my case, a career pivot. I’m far more enthusiastic about the process than before.”Graham

“I would absolutely recommend this to anybody who is feeling lost or confused about what direction they want to take in their career. They help you frame things in a more simple way to focus on what’s most important to you. I left feeling inspired and ready to take charge of my job search and my career.”Renee

“They created the structure and excitement for this whole group of people to find the tangible next steps in their careers and help their peers along too.”Caroline

“I want to say THANK YOU for the opportunity to articulate and put out there my intention. It’s been in the making for at least 3 years now and you helped me put my ideas into action since that day. You truly have made a significantly positive impact in my life.”Danielle

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About BME

We are rethinking career change to match the future of work.

Career Planning Is Dead

Ruckus Making Rule Breakers

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Career Planning Is Dead

Whoa, that’s an aggressive introduction. But it’s true. Planning is how we try to find comfort in predicting the future, and it turns out we’re really bad at it.

The future is more fluid than ever. Industries are evolving at an accelerated pace of job creation and destruction.

You can't win with conventional thinking. The best jobs never land on job boards and your pretty resume is read by robots.

Luck matters. The hard truth is that we are far from a true meritocracy. Recent studies show that luck is as important as talent and hard work.

We believe career change can be delightful.

Everything is an experiment. Lean into weird ideas!

We challenge the boring, unreliable status quo ‘rules’ and invite you to do the same.

Reliable career help should not be out of reach due to limited means or size of network.

Ideas get better when shared. That’s why we make our content copy-right free.

A test-and-learn practice for career discovery wins over career planning.

Shift To Discovery

It’s time to shift from unreliable, un-fun, career planning to a practice of discovery.

You need imaginative problem-solving that reliably produces creative answers for what’s next. Learn about the test-and-learn approach we use called Looping Method.

Meet BME

A ruckus making, rule breaking team passionate about helping you crush barriers to career change.

Eilis Wasserman

Eilis is a higher ed & freelance career coach focused on cultivating confidence and inspiring self-discovery. She is passionate about working with introverts & promoting remote work/flexibility in one’s work life.

Favorite Drill: Five Cent Stand
Favorite Loop: Haiku High Fives

Chris Federer

Chris is ‘farmer of collaboration’ thanks to his natural tendency to explore, connect, and host experiences to help people break through their challenges. He leads the Salt Lake City human-centered design meetup.

Favorite Drill: Back Talk
Favorite Loop: Shoot For Love

Join The Team

BME operates similar to a franchise. We share our platform with motivated instructors who setup BME Communities.

Start a Community for your city or for a specific profession. Host workshops and collaborate with other Community leads as you grow your membership and earnings.

Copyright Free

We make most of our tools easily downloadable and shareable because ideas get better when shared.

Hi, I'm Spencer. I started BME to bring modern career change practices within reach of more people. Over the last decade, I've met incredible organizations operating on slim budgets.

When nonprofit leaders and college career coaches can't afford content licenses and training we're ... Our copyright-free rebellion is about

For Nonprofits

We share BME memberships with nonprofits on the frontlines of helping people through career transition.

From job clubs to professional associations to adult education, we provide a turnkey way to expand your services; all at no cost to your organization.

For College Career Teams

We invite college career coaches to join our community, connect with other higher ed change makers, and learn new tools for workshops and 1:1's with your students; all with no limits on downloading and sharing.

Email for more information.